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Cision PR Web

Cyber Dive and The Braden Markus Foundation Introduce Braden's Law, a Bold and Decisive Piece of Legislation Against Sextortion

May 16, 2024

How Entrepreneurs are Solving Internet Safety - Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Gottfurcht

May 15, 2024

Interview With Jeff Gottfurcht - Co-Founder and CEO of Cyber Dive

May 12, 2024

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Parents fighting to make online a safer space for kids

February 4, 2024

Cision PR Web

Gavin's Law Spearheads a Paradigm Shift in Online Safety for Youth, Backed by Cyber Dive's Aqua One and the 'Less Than 3' Foundation

January 24, 2024

CBS Logo

Smartphone allows parents to monitor kids phone-use in real-time

January 12, 2024

Cision PR Web

The Aqua One Smartphone by Cyber Dive Equips Parents To Combat the Online Safety Issues Posed by End-to-End Messaging Encryption That Protects Online Predators

December 19, 2023

Phoenix Business Journal

40 Under 40 Alumni, Derek Jackson, Recognized at Cyber Dive

August 4, 2023

Ohio Governor

Ohio's Social Media Parental Notification Act Garners Support Following Recent Budget Passage

July 11, 2023

Good Morning Sunshine Show Logo

Aqua One Phone - built with kids health and safety in mind

June 19, 2023

CBS Logo

Ohio leaders discuss Social Media Parental Notification Act included in State Budget

June 12, 2023

Cision PR Web

Cyber Dive’s Aqua One smartphone plays an integral role in transitioning survivors through the Phoenix Dream Center's Human Trafficking Recovery Program

June 7, 2023

Cision PR Web

The Aqua One smartphone by Cyber Dive redefines parenting in a digital world by putting the power back in the hands of parents

May 10, 2023

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Valley parents discuss bill setting social media age restrictions

April 27, 2023

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New phone allows parents to see everything their kids do online

January 18, 2023

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New cell phone lets parents track kids digital activity

January 10, 2023

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Cyber Dive Launches Aqua One, the First Smartphone to Monitor Children’s Online Activity and Mental Health

January 10, 2023

Cision PR Web

Cyber Dive Begins Shipping Aqua One, the First Smartphone Giving Parents Unlimited Access to Their Kid's Online Activity

August 23, 2022

Off The Grid Investing

Climbing Everest, Combating ISIS, & technology to restore the parent/child bond

May 13, 2022

Tiny Beans

These Are the Best Cell Phones for Kids (Really!)

January 24, 2022

Scottsdale Progress

Buying your child a phone? Here's some advice

November 25, 2021

USA Today Veterans Day Edition

Former intelligence officer develops platform to monitor kids' online activity

November 11, 2021

98.9 The Bull

98.9 The Bull Seattle: Spotlighting Cyber Dive/Aqua One A Childs First Smart Phone

October 29, 2021

Raising AZ Kids

Smartphone for kids offers valuable insight for parents before you buy

October 22, 2021

AZ Big Media

Child's first smartphone: 3 things to consider before you buy

October 16, 2021

Fab AZ

Fabulous People: Derek Jackson

October 5, 2021

Elizabeth Smart Foundation

Smartphone Safety for Kids with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation

September 27, 2021

AZ Tech Beat

Social media monitoring startup Cyber Dive releases its own child-safe cell phone

September 23, 2021

Business Wire

Cyber Dive Launches First-Ever Mental Health Focused Smartphone for Children with Unlimited Monitoring Access for Parents

September 1, 2021

So Scottsdale

Entrepreneur and Mount Everest summiter Jeff Gottfurcht refuses to quit when things get tough

August 30, 2021

Phoenix Business Journal

Phoenix Business Journal 40 Under 40 2021: Derek Jackson

August 5, 2021

AZ Big Media

3 Ways to Protect Your Child's Online Reputation

July 30, 2021

Authority Magazine

Jeff Gottfurcht of Cyber Dive: "How Busy Leaders Create Equilibrium or Balance Between Their Work and Family Lives"

May 10, 2021

Authority Magazine

Derek Jackson of Cyber Dive: Five Things I Learned as a Twenty-Something Founder

May 10, 2021

AZ Foothill Trendsetters

Trendsetter to Know: Derek Jackson of Cyber Dive

April 6, 2021

AZ Foothill Trendsetters

Trendsetter to Know: Jeff Gottfurcht of Cyber Dive

April 6, 2021

AZ Big Media

3 Ways Social Media Can Strenghten Parent-Child Relationships

March 11, 2021

Cision PR Web

Why Co-Founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation Joined Tech Startup, Cyber Dive

December 7, 2020