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Not your traditional social media monitoring.

Limitless Insight

Provides parents full transparency into all of their child's online activity.

Mental Health Indicator

Instills a sense of awareness by giving insight to a child’s mental health.

Involvement Over Limitation

Creates opportunity for parent involvement without restricting a child from exploring and interacting online in any way.

Patent Pending

Proprietary software built by our team of in-house engineers.

Vet Founded

Co-founded by ex-military intelligence officer.

Cyber Dive Monitored Platforms

Understand your child's online activity without having to understand the platforms they use.

A look into your parent dashboard.

Your user-friendly parent dashboard organizes your child’s online activity into multiple widgets. Each widget contains different data that can be used to better understand the online experiences your child is having.

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What Cyber Dive parents have to say...

I’ve learned so much about my son since I started using Cyber Dive. I was even able to discover that he had his first girlfriend! It’s made me realize how important this involvement is for our relationship.

Cyber Dive Parent
12-year-old child

I signed up for Cyber Dive because I wanted to make sure that my child wasn’t talking with any strangers online. I was able to see an entire list of their friends and then made sure that they were who they said they were. I feel much better knowing that my child is being smart about the people they open up to online.

Cyber Dive Parent
9-year-old child

Just last night I was checking my dashboard and saw a video in my child’s YouTube Watch History that I didn’t think was appropriate for him. Without Cyber Dive, I would have never known that it was time to open up this dialogue and talk with him about what he should and shouldn’t be watching online.

Cyber Dive Parent
14-year-old child

What I really love about the app is how simple it is for parents. I’m able to monitor multiple accounts and see all of the information in one place. Perfect for parents who want to get involved but don’t have the time to manually monitor all of their child’s accounts.

Cyber Dive Parent
10-year-old child

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