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Aqua One Mental Health Check Question "My parents keep their promises..."
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What’s included?

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The Aqua One smartphone
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Parental monitoring access from any iOS or Android phone
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Aqua One Mental Health Checks
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Access to Mental Health Check responses
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Unlimited free replacements
They’ll explore without blocked apps or screen time limits. You’ll have peace of mind with...
Don’t mistake this for a kid phone. The Aqua One is a smartphone for kids (trust us, there’s a difference)!
Aqua One FHD and Refresh Rate
6.78’’ FHD+
90Hz Refresh Rate
Aqua One Octa-core
2.0 GHz
Aqua One Storage Capacity
Aqua One Ram
Aqua One front and rear camera capabilities
Front Camera 8MP
Rear Camera 48+5+2+2MP
Aqua One ultra capacity battery
Ultra Capacity
5,000 mAh Battery
Aqua One fast charge capability
Fast Charge
Aqua One Fingerprint Sensor
Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor
Aqua One sim card capability
Dual SIM Capable
Aqua One Android Operating System
Android 11
Do you think setting up the best smartphone for kids has to be complicated? Well, with the Aqua One, it only takes 4 steps!

Turn on and activate the phone

Power on your Aqua One and follow a few on-screen prompts.

Access your Parent Dashboard

Log in to from your phone. It’s accessible from any mobile device, anywhere.

Connect the Aqua One to your Parent Dashboard

Use your phone to scan the QR code on the Aqua One’s screen.

Sit back and enjoy unlimited monitoring

You’re all set! Now you get to see everything that your kid does while exploring online with their Aqua One.

How are you different from Bark, Gabb, or Pinwheel?

We’re completely different from Gabb, Pinwheel, and Bark parental control software! How does unlimited monitoring sound? We currently monitor 7,077 of your kid's favorite apps.

The Aqua One is the only smartphone for kids that’s a fully functional Android device. Your kid won’t be restricted in any way. No blocked apps! No screen time limits!

At the same time, Aqua One’s unlimited monitoring software will show you every detail of your kid’s online activity in your Parent Dashboard, along with alerts for concerning activity. You’ll have access to see every action they took on the phone!

This is a better parenting tool than other phone monitoring apps that don’t allow kids on social media or send alerts ONLY for negative activity. We believe introducing your kid to the digital world with your consistent involvement is better than restrictions!

For more info on how Aqua One is different, you can read our blog here.

Does the Aqua One only work with Mint Mobile?

You can add your child’s Aqua One to any major service provider except Verizon. We recommend you check with your own service provider. The current Aqua One model is not currently compatible with e-sim cards.

The Aqua Onedoes not come with talk, text & data. This decision was made to provide families with the phone that best suits their needs. It allows us to make the Aqua One available to parents who don’t want cellular options, along with those who do.

We chose to partner with Mint Mobile to give you a great network at an affordable price. Their subscription plan of $15 a month comes with...
• Unlimited talk & text
• Nationwide coverage
• 4G LTE

How does the Parent Dashboard work?

With Aqua One's Parent Dashboard, checking in on your kid is as easy as scrolling your social media feeds. Just head to on your mobile device to access your Parent Dashboard!

Here’s why:
• Every single action they take on the phone is displayed in your dashboard.
• Your dashboard will update any time your kid uses their Aqua One, allowing you to check in with them on any iOS or Android device from anywhere.

Why don’t you have screen time limits?

Simply put: We don't believe they actually work. And the research backs it.

More and more pediatricians and researchers have begun to believe that it's less about the amount of time spent on screens and more about the type of experiences young children are having online.

The argument for implementing screen time limits is usually to protect your kid from negative experiences. Let's be honest, these can happen anytime, anywhere, whether at 3 pm or 3 am.

Not to mention, limiting a child’s screen time and online access often leads to sneaky and defiant behavior. When you set these restrictions, your child will likely figure out a way to work around them.

Our goal is to strengthen your parent/child relationship and we believe that getting involved in what your child does is much more effective than limiting what they can do. As a result, we created the first phone that allows you to access a previously hidden part of your child's online world, laying the groundwork for honest conversations.

You can read more here!

What is the Mental Health Check?

It's our cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind tool to help you track your child's mental health. Trust us, we looked. No one else has this.

Three times a day, a Mental Health Check will pop up on your child's Aqua One to ask age-appropriate, interactive, and thought-provoking questions. Created with the help of our clinical child psychologist, these questions will help your child accurately assess their mental health.

(An example question might be "Right now I'm feeling...." and your child can choose from a variety of answers including happy, loved, scared, annoyed, grateful, anxious, or sad.)

In your Parent Dashboard home view, you will be able to see a quick snapshot of your child's mood based on their most recent Mental Health Check responses. It could say "Maria is feeling happy" or "Joshua is feeling anxious" and will include relevant recommendations and tips to help you care for their mental health.

If you want to see the broader picture of your child's mental health, we're already one step ahead of you! You can access all their responses for the day or go to a previous date to check out their answers, giving you the ability to truly understand the state of your child's mental health.

When will my order ship?

Once your order is placed, your Aqua One will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days. You will receive a tracking email as soon as your order has shipped.

Don’t just take our word for it…

To be clear, this isn’t the thing for parents that have it all figured out. It’s for the parents who want to figure it out, day by day, together.

Mother and Daughter showing a video playing on the Aqua One

Technology changed kids. Aqua One® will change parenting.

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