What gives us the right to make such a hefty claim?

The Aqua One is the only phone with unrestricted parental monitoring built right into the software.

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The Aqua One ISN'T a cell phone monitoring app you download onto your kid’s phone and hope for the best. It isn’t a locked-down phone that only lets your kid access a few apps.

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The Aqua One IS a functional Android smartphone for your kid (that means no app restrictions or screen time limits) that seamlessly shares all their activity to your phone, regardless of your operating system, thanks to our Parent Dashboard.

Let us tell you how it works!

The Aqua One captures EVERY action taken.

As your kid uses their Aqua One smartphone to send Snapchats, post on Instagram, search on Google, and do so much more, our revolutionary software built into the phone captures everything they’re doing.

Children using their smartphones.
A man checks the Activity Feed, Locations Tab and Mental Health Check responses in his Parent Dashboard.
Now... what happens to all that information?

Everything is sent to your Parent Dashboard for you to view.

All your kid’s activity goes into your Cyber Dive Parent Dashboard for real-time parental monitoring, no matter what phone you’re using. Just click on the app session you want to view, and you’ll have access to 24/7 video replays of everything that happened on your kid’s Aqua One.

In other words, we don’t decide for you what you can and can’t see.

Your Parent Dashboard gives you access to everything so you can monitor as much or as little as you want!

Don’t just take our word for it…

To be clear, this isn’t the thing for parents that have it all figured out. It’s for the parents who want to figure it out, day by day, together.

Mother and Daughter showing a video playing on the Aqua One

Technology changed kids. Aqua One® will change parenting.

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