Understanding Your Parent Dashboard

Cyber Dive
September 3, 2021
4 min read

Cyber Dive’s parental monitoring web application integrates exclusively with the Aqua One. Once you receive your child’s Aqua One in the mail, you can continue on to set up your Cyber Dive account and gain access to unlimited monitoring capabilities with your parent dashboard.

The purpose of your parent dashboard is to provide you with a complete overview of your child’s Aqua One device activity. The unique AI software that drives Cyber Dive’s monitoring web application allows you to see this activity in a simple, user-friendly way. Now, let’s dive into the parent dashboard to show you how you can leverage this insight as the ultimate parenting tool!

When you log into your Cyber Dive parent account, you will automatically be taken to your home view. This is where you will see a quick snapshot of how your child is feeling based on their most recent Mental Health Check, if they have new Mental Health Checks to view and if they have any new alerts. By tapping the icon at the top, you can make edits to your connected devices, request free device replacements and view downloaded apps. You can also visit your Settings page where you can manage billing information, account details, notifications, contact support and log out. If at any point you want to return to your home view, tap the home icon on your bottom navigation bar.

Tap View Activity to be taken to your child’s Feed. The Feed is where you will see Conversations, all Aqua One Actions and Word Cloud.

Your Conversations Feed consists of Aqua One text messages and conversations across all monitored platforms. You can type in specific words to search your Conversations Feed, filter by date or platform. By tapping the bookmark icon, you can save specific messages to look back at later in your Saved items which are accessed on the right side of your bottom navigation bar.

Actions Feed is a chronological list of every action taken on your child’s Aqua One device. This includes anything from an Instagram post, to an incognito Google search, to watching a Discord livestream. Similar to Conversations, you can type in specific words to search your Actions Feed, filter by date, filter by platform and add actions to your Saved items.

Your Word Cloud is AI-powered and presents the words and hashtags your child is using most often on their Aqua One. Tap one of these words and automatically filter your Conversations and Actions Feed to only show content containing this word.

Now, we will work from left to right on your bottom navigation bar. Starting at the far left, you have your Mental Health Check page. This is where you will find all of your child’s Mental Health Check responses along with psychology-backed insight that correlates with your child’s responses. You can also navigate to this page from your home view.

Next is Location. All connected Aqua One locations can be found here. By tapping on a child’s profile photo, you can see the address associated with their current location.

To the right of your home icon, you will find your Alerts page. The Alerts feature categorizes any Aqua One activity that may require extra attention. This activity was detected to contain words or phrases related to bullying, mental health disorders, drug use, human trafficking or other potentially concerning content. Filter to show alerts from yesterday, the past week or all time.

Lastly, your Saved page where you will find any activity that you decided to bookmark and take a look at later on.  Filter to show Saved items from yesterday, the past week or all time.

Cyber Dive designed our parent dashboard to organize your child’s activity in an intuitive and simple way. We want you to get the most out of monitoring your child’s Aqua One activity so that you can confidently raise digitally responsible citizens.

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