Should I be monitoring my child’s social media?

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December 30, 2020
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What if we told you that our monitoring tools gave your child freedom, respected their privacy, kept you informed, eased your worries and strengthened the relationship you have with your child? Sounds too good to be true, we know, but we’ve worked hard to build progressive solutions that make for a seamless monitoring experience.

Using Social Media The Right Way

Times are changing and social media has become something we, as a society, rely on. It keeps us informed, connected and makes our everyday lives easier. Oftentimes, it’s hard to imagine a life without it. However, people rarely talk about the benefits that can come from social media, especially when it comes to your kids using it. Cyber Dive’s mission is to help alleviate the risks of children on the internet, to provide parents with the tools they need to raise responsible, digital citizens and to bridge the gap between online life and reality.

Children turn to the internet for all kinds of things and their interests are constantly changing. As our monitoring software gathers data, we can amplify the positive aspects so that you are seeing the bigger picture and not just the scary parts. You could find out that they recently fell in love with baseball because they followed ten MLB Instagram accounts or see that they spend most of their time on YouTube watching James Charles makeup tutorials.

You could also see that they have built a community of online friends that support and uplift them. Harvard’s research found that the ability to raise awareness, connect with people from all over and share beautiful moments through social media can be empowering and uplifting. Your child could be reaping all the benefits that social media has to offer, and now you have the chance to be there every step of the way.

Is social media something to worry about?

While some parents would say “absolutely!”, others would argue that they aren’t worried about it at all.

One reason parents worry and want to monitor their child’s digital activity is because they feel as if they don’t know what their child is doing, especially on social media. Children ages 8-12 spend an average of 4 hours and 44 minutes a day in front of a screen and 73% of this time is spent just surfing the internet. Without a monitoring service in place, it is impossible to keep track of every website they visit, each friend request they accept or every concerning private message they receive and send.

Another reason for monitoring is because parents fear that their child is talking with strangers or coming across explicit content. They may want to protect them from bullies or make sure they aren’t posting anything inappropriate that negatively impacts their digital reputation. Staying actively involved in your child’s online life is crucial because 1 in 5 children feel embarrassed and live with regrets after having a negative online experience. With Cyber Dive, you can catch all of these things in a digestible and unbiased way. You can see who they are friends with on each social media platform, your child's search history, concerning private messages, every post they make, photos they are tagged in and so much more.

Whether you feel like you’re in the dark or your child has been cyberbullied in the past, monitoring your child's activity can be the solution. It is safe to assume that your child will make mistakes as they learn to navigate social media because some things just need to be taught. By leveraging Cyber Dive's tools, you will be able to catch issues as they arise and address them as soon as you feel is necessary. Your child will be given the chance to learn from each negative experience and make impactful changes in the way they interact on social media.

Monitoring their activity will also hold them accountable as research has shown that 43% of teens would change their behavior online if they knew their parents were watching. They will think twice before they post a photo, comment on a friend's video, chat with an online friend or search for anything they could talk with you directly about. This way, you can ensure that they are building a positive digital reputation while learning valuable life lessons.

But, my child knows better.

None of this would be an issue if your child consistently updated you on every action they took online and were ALWAYS open and honest, right? Well, duh! This is the goal we can help you work towards. Unfortunately, that isn’t something that happens overnight. Even if you’re manually monitoring their activity by checking their search history and following their accounts, know that 67% of teens know how to hide what they do online from their parents and 69% have received messages from strangers and do not tell a parent. When they are first exploring online and haven’t quite figured out all the dos and don’ts, they may keep some things to themself. With your guidance, they can begin to build healthy online habits and learn to feel comfortable talking to you about the things they see online.

The purpose of our monitoring tools are to ultimately strengthen the relationship that you have with your child without letting social media get in the way. You get the best of both worlds; your child is free to explore and learn and you can feel informed and confident that you are raising a responsible digital citizen.

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