Say Hello to Aqua One

Cyber Dive
September 1, 2021
2 min read

Cyber Dive is so excited to finally reveal our revolutionary smartphone for children, the Aqua One. This smartphone is a fully functional, custom Android device integrated with the most comprehensive parental monitoring capabilities. For $0 down and a monthly subscription of $69, you can give your child an Aqua One included with unlimited nationwide talk and text, 5 GB of ultra-high-speed data, unlimited free phone replacements and access to Cyber Dive's parental monitoring web application. From the moment you receive your Aqua One in the mail, you will be able to connect it to your parent dashboard for an immediate, seamless monitoring experience. 

Moving Towards Progressive Parenting

The Aqua One was built for the modern parent who wants to allow their child digital freedom but sees the value in being involved in this aspect of their life. On average, children in the United States receive their first phone at the age of 10 and unfortunately, smartphones and social platforms were not designed with the safety of children in mind. Other “Smartphones for Kids” address this by installing website blockers, limiting screen time, enforcing app restrictions or requiring a parent’s approval when adding contacts. We believe these restrictions will result in sneaky, defiant and deviant behavior as children are shielded from the reality of the online world. In a society that relies so heavily on virtual connection, it is necessary that we teach our children how to navigate and use technology responsibly.

Limitless Monitoring Access

So, how does the Aqua One do this? Easy. We give parents full transparency into their child’s device activity. Your child's Aqua One activity is presented on your user-friendly parent dashboard giving you access to every text message, internet search, social media post, phone call, like, comment and so much more. Our monitoring platform was designed to show the entirety of your child’s device activity including both positive and potentially negative interactions and experiences. If our AI software detects anything that may require your extra attention, we categorize it into your Alerts so you can take a closer look at it. This way, parents are able to intervene as soon as they see any interactions that they believe to be inappropriate or potentially dangerous for their child. Ideally, this will lead to an increased awareness of digital safety for the child resulting in more positive online experiences.

Prioritizing Your Child’s Mental Health

The effect technology has on our mental health is an increasingly relevant topic of conversation, especially for our children. Between 2019 and 2020, mental health claims of children ages 13-18 increased by 103%. This is why we have created our exclusive Aqua One Mental Health Check. This feature interrupts your child's scroll with a few age-based questions related to their current mental state. These questions were created alongside our in-house clinical child psychologist are presented on your parent dashboard to provide you insight into your child’s mental health and encourage consistent conversations around it.

The Aqua One is the progressive solution that opens the door for increased parent involvement, a generation of responsible digital citizens and the opportunity to strengthen parent-child relationships.

Join the future of modern parenting and order your child's Aqua One today. Coming this winter.

Technology changed kids. Aqua One will change parenting.

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