Can I be pro-social media and still monitor my child's activity?

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December 26, 2020
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Gen Z doesn’t know a world without Instagram likes, Snapchat streaks or YouTube influencers. For many of us, we remember being introduced to the early days of MySpace and Facebook. Let alone Instagram, completely changing the game in how we connect and interact with one another. We had no idea what social media was or the drastic impact it would have on our daily lives.

There was no one there to tell us that every post could potentially haunt us deep into our professional careers. We didn’t understand that a simple edit on a photo could lead to unrealistic societal beauty standards. No one understood how much of our personal information was being put out there or why that was even a scary thought. So of course, it’s easy for adults to label social media as addictive, destructive and detrimental to the development of young kids. However, kids don’t see it this way. For them, not being on social media makes you an outcast. Monitoring your child’s social media doesn’t mean you’re against the progression of technology, you just understand the risks and want your children to reap all the potential benefits.

How is Cyber Dive different from other monitoring services?

Many parental monitoring companies feed off of the horrible fears parents have about social media. Their services revolve around the possibility of your child planning a school shooting, being sex trafficked or having suicidal thoughts. These things happen and are terrifying, yes. Cyber Dive’s features are built to catch these warning signs and help you protect your child. However, we don’t dismiss the positive efforts your child is making online. They are constantly learning, being influenced by others, developing social skills and discovering foundational aspects out about their identity and character. Our goal as a company is to not only keep them safe and protected but to keep you informed about the positive activity they are involved in.

Having a New Perspective

If you have beef with social media, we don’t blame you, we just want to introduce you to a new perspective. Since we can't depend on big tech to make the change, we encourage you to be more intentional about the way you use their platforms, and teach your kids to as well. Have them think about why they are using Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat. With the rapid growth of these apps, your kids will inevitably be active on them and it's important that they take the right approach. This way, they can avoid the negative perspective that the older generations have in regards to social media.

There are a few things you can implement to improve their overall approach on social media. The biggest is ensuring that their self confidence isn’t dependent or easily affected by their online interactions. If scrolling through famous models is affecting your child’s self-esteem, encourage them to only follow accounts that promote self-love, body confidence and inclusivity. If you feel as if their self worth weighs heavily on how many likes and comments they receive, prioritize building up their confidence outside of social media. These tactics can help them separate their online life from reality to hopefully positively impact the association they have with social media.

It is also crucial that they understand the importance of their online reputation. Teach them that their name is associated with every photo, video or comment they put out there. Together, you can come up with a small checklist to go through before they post.

  • Will this hurt anyone’s feelings?
  • Would I want my teacher to see it?
  • How would I feel if someone else posted something like this?

Cyber Dive believes that your child’s intentions when using social media can positively correlate with the way it makes them feel. If they have a clear understanding of the expectations on who they plan to interact with and what they want to post, you can expect for them to have an overall positive online experience.

Cyber Dive’s Approach

If you’re a parent who sees the value in being on social media and wants your child to experience the possible benefits, monitoring their smartphone activity with Cyber Dive's Aqua One can be a great solution. We have built tools that highlight the bigger picture of your child’s activity, providing you with all of the necessary information so that you can parent confidently.

Our analysis includes more than just the scary stuff. Even if we find concerning activity, we only give you the facts. We don’t tell you how inappropriate it is or what actions you need to take because we know it's not our place. You have the freedom to take the information and use this knowledge to benefit your family however you see fit. This makes our solution adaptable to all parenting styles and can add value to your child’s online experience regardless of your approach. Without restrictions in place, they can learn to avoid dangerous situations on their own and build healthy online habits for the future. These habits could include the thought process they go through before posting or how much time they chose to spend on social media.

Cyber Dive is here to support you and your child in creating the ultimate positive online environment. You can leverage your child's smartphone activity as a parenting tool for raising digitally responsible citizens!

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