One of a Kind Smartphone for Children

Cyber Dive
Cyber Dive
Sep 16, 2021
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Parents have been limited to choosing between giving their child a smartphone that allows complete digital freedom and one that excessively restricts their access and capabilities. The fully functioning smartphones force parents to take the risk of not knowing what their child is interacting with and experiencing online. But, the “kid” phones might as well be touch screen walkie-talkies. So, what about the parents that see the value in letting their child have digital freedom but want to be involved in this aspect of their life? Let me introduce you to Cyber Dive’s revolutionary smartphone for children, Aqua One.

An Actual “Smart” phone

For the first time, parents can give their children a smartphone that is aligned with the progression of technology and provides an insightful analysis of their child’s online experiences. The Aqua One is unlike any other monitoring tool. It is a fully operational Android smartphone enforcing no screen time limitations, website blockers or app restrictions.

The companies that are currently offering “Smartphones for Kids” have created dumbed-down devices incapable of allowing children the freedom to explore and interact online. There’s nothing “smart” about these phones. These solutions are outdated and unrealistic for the virtually connected world we currently live in. They advertise themselves as products that teach tech responsibility but how do they expect children to form a healthy relationship with technology when they aren’t even able to use it? 

Ultimately these child-lock phones limit their ability to develop an internalized realization as to how they should be using their smartphone. When these kids are finally granted access to the internet and social media and can communicate with more than 10 parent-approved contacts, they won’t have a strong foundation of healthy digital habits. They won’t know how to work these applications and smartphone features responsibly.

Revolutionary Monitoring for Parents

With all of this digital freedom, we believe your involvement is the key to raising a digitally responsible child. This is where the Aqua One parental monitoring capabilities come in. From any iOS or Android mobile device, you can access your user-friendly Cyber Dive parent dashboard. This dashboard uses our proprietary AI software to analyze and present every action taken on your child’s Aqua One device. 

This monitoring insight includes their social media activity from 16+ platforms. This includes everything from the Google searches they make, to the TikToks they watch, to the Snapchats they send, to the Instagram posts they like. Not to mention your dashboard will show all text messages, phone calls, contacts and live GPS location. Our AI software takes all of this data and presents you with the words they are using most often along with any activity that is flagged as potentially concerning. To learn more about our dashboard features, read here.

Mental Health Focused

Cyber Dive is committed to the well-being of children and this is why we have installed the Aqua One with its exclusive Cyber Dive feature, the Mental Health Check. The effect our phones are having on our mental health is an increasingly relevant topic of conversation, especially when it comes to children. We believe that with technology being such a huge part of our lives, it can be leveraged as a tool to gain insight into our emotional well-being.

The functionality of the Mental Health Check is simple. It interrupts the child’s Aqua One device usage and prompts them to answer a few quick questions in regards to how they are feeling. These check-ins were created with insight from our in-house clinical child psychologist and pull from a collection of over 140 questions and are customized to your child’s age group. Once your child submits their Mental Health Check, they can continue using their Aqua One. These responses are immediately shared with you on your parent dashboard along with psychology-backed recommendations and tips relevant to your child’s responses.

This feature was designed to instill a sense of awareness in you and your child in regards to their mental health. By answering these questions, your child can begin to understand how certain aspects of their life are making them feel. And you can feel confident that you are prioritizing your child’s mental health. Ideally, it will initiate consistent and authentic conversations about mental health in your home.

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