6 Questions Every Parent Should Be Asking

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April 10, 2021
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  1. Who is my child interacting with online?
  2. Is my child posting anything that they will later regret?
  3. What does my child search the internet for?
  4. How will I know if my child is being cyberbullied?
  5. When is my child spending the most time on social media?
  6. Is my child’s online activity affecting their mental health?

When allowing your children to make social media accounts, you may have some questions or concerns about the best practices when building healthy online habits. Cyber Dive's Aqua One with integrated parental monitoring was created to soothe any fears and provide parents with the necessary tools and information to parent confidently in the digital age. We know your child’s safety and wellbeing are top priorities and we aim to help create a safe and positive online environment for them as they learn the ins and outs of social media.

Who is my child interacting with online?

The internet has opened up an entirely new world of communication and connection. It can be a great way to learn about people from different backgrounds, cultures and belief systems in order to better understand the perspectives and ideas of those we are not physically surrounded by. During times of social distancing, the internet has kept us connected with loved ones through video calls, social media posts and direct messaging. However, this does not mean there are not any dangers, especially with young children.

Online predators are very active on social media and children can easily put themselves at risk without even realizing it. When building healthy online habits, who your child adds as a ‘friend’ is very important.

Is my child posting anything that they will later regret?

Having a positive online reputation is something that older generations never gave much thought to. With the growth of social media, it is something Gen Z will have to be very conscious of. Every post, caption, comment and even private message can be traced back to them. They must be prepared to take responsibility for their online actions. You can encourage them to post with intention and omit personal information or anything they would not be proud of, but at a young age, there may be instances where they simply forget or aren’t able to realize the potential consequences. This is where parents can benefit from seeing all of their child's Aqua One smartphone activity. This includes every post they make, every private message they send, even down to every TikTok video they scroll past. All of this insight, all the time.

What does my child search the internet for?

Google and other search engines can be great resources for people of all ages. Whether you are searching for your favorite recipe, the phone number to a local clothing store, favorite celebrities’ family tree or in need of some parenting tips, the internet is everyone’s go-to. Kids are no different. They grew up having access to the answers to every question, right at their fingertips. So, how can we blame them for turning to the internet every time they have a curiosity or new thought; it’s practically human nature.

As a parent, you can encourage them to stay curious and utilize online resources while also making them feel comfortable enough to come to you with their questions and concerns. The Aqua One will show you every search that your child makes across all monitored platforms, including those made while in Google's incognito mode.

How will I know if my child is being cyberbullied?

Cyberbullying affects more than 50% of adolescents and teens. Not to mention, less than half of these victims inform a parent or guardian that they are being bullied online, making this a very valid concern for parents. If your child has experienced bullying whether it was physical, verbal or through social media, you know how detrimental this can be on their mental health. It is common that your child will keep this information to themselves because they are embarrassed, scared or confused and are unable to see the value in getting help.

A parent’s involvement is often necessary to intervene and provide support to your child during these times. Cyber Dive’s Alerts widget was created by AI software to show parents any type of content that could potentially be concerning and require some extra attention from you. We present these Alerts unbiasedly so that you can apply your own parenting style and approach.

When is my child spending the most time on social media?

Many parents are often concerned with how much time their child is spending on their digital devices. They may worry that it is affecting their ability to focus in school or get a sufficient amount of sleep at night. All of these concerns are valid and we encourage you to set expectations that are right for your family. Consider that maybe it is less about how much time your child is spending on their phone but how they are spending this time. Read here to learn more about Cyber Dive's belief in involvement over limitation.

Is my child’s online activity affecting their mental health?

Your child’s intentions when using social media and the experiences they have online can have both a positive and negative effect on their mental health. This can be a reflection of content they are posting, interactions they are having with others online and the content they are scrolling past. Consistently checking in with your child is a great start. Cyber Dive created its exclusive Aqua One Mental Health Check to provide parents with valuable insight into their child's current mental state. The Aqua One prompts the child to complete up to three checks per day asking questions related their emotions, environment and ability to connect with others.

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